Google Allo and Google Duo : Download Google's Latest Apps

Google Allo and Google Duo : Download Google's Latest Apps - Allo and Duo are the latest apps from Google. Allo Messenger apps like the popular Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger, developed by Google for both Android and iOS, the duo is a video calling or chatting app. Google confirmed the lunch pretty well through their blog earlier this week where they describe it as the "smarter messaging apps". Google allo a direct competitor with Facebook and Whatsapp Messenger? I said yes because it has some cool features like Google bot had heard about his chat with more time, as an assistant.

Features of Google allo

One of the main feature that allo to other messaging apps in the Google Assistant (bot) that acts as a virtual assistant. He heard his chat on time and gives you "smart" suggestions for making the chatting and staying in touch with loved the fun and easy.

Google allo

Can you and your friends are discussing where to go and have fun at the weekend and the Google Help may suggest Movies, if you consider the options, you can go to our automatic and closest to the nearest cinema and even their movie schedule in few seconds. Cool right?

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Other features of the Google allo

  • Expression - emoji and stickers

  • chatting Incognito - Privacy protection similar to Whatsapp end-to-end encryption.

  • Expiring Chat feature allows you to set up private chat in complete after which they will be automatically deleted.

  •  The message is set to finish by a sender can not be a screen shot, you can prevent recipients from installing them

  • Private notifications - to keep private chats from prying eyes.

  •  whisper shout feature - allows you put in ascending or descending order to simulate a low whisper (words) or call (large).

  • send voice messages and animated GIF images to your conversations.

About Google Duo

Google duo is another new product from Google which is a video calling app that is said to take on popular apps like Skype and FaceTime. Google duo online allo, is a messaging app but not a full time video chatting app. It has a smooth user interface with its small size (just 7mb) and great features like speed, which is its main feature.


Google duo, duo download apk

Google claims that the Duo will work even with poor network as 2G networks. How is this possible? According to google "Duo can dynamically adjust the video and audio quality to suit whatever type of connection you are on" without breaking, especially when switching between WiFi and cellular networks. I'm not a computer engineer, so I do not know how they do it, but this is cool!


Google duo, duo download apk


Features of Google Duo

  •  In "knock-knock feature which shows the video call, on a screen lock before picking up the call. - Android only

  • Destination phone number and not as a Gmail account, you allo

  • Standalone video calling app

  • The easy user interface (UI)

  • can be used even with poor network.

Google Allo and Google Duo : Download Google's Latest Apps


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