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pCloud Online Storage Service


No idea is more intuitive than saving your data. But the question that remains is to know where to host them in order to be in possession permanently. In this article I'm going to talk about the online cloud storage service on behalf of pCloud - the best Dropbox alternative.

For those who do not know what the cloud is, its particularity lies in the fact that you can access your data on any device with an Internet connection.

This allows you to edit an online file on your personal computer and then resume where you left off when you arrive at the office. Colleagues can even collaborate on the same document.

pCloud - best cloud storage service

pCloud offers 10 GB free with many options and also a favorable rate for the storage fee (from 500 GB to 2TB), pCloud Business for business (SME), family pCloud for families. (Source: free cloud )

Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, pCloud installs on all your devices and backs up your files safely on powerful servers.

You can however share your files with your customers, colleagues and friends. While customizing your download links with your logo, slogan and explanatory message.

pCloud - Why is it recommended?

Thanks to the Lifetime option, you can save your projects for life on fast and reliable servers with one payment, as if you buy an external drive, but based in the cloud. Thanks to the pCloud Crypto option , security is doubled with a Zero-Knowledge digital vault, all files are encrypted before leaving your computer. You can easily import your files from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. No file size is rejectable as long as your space is sufficient.

Thanks to its easy use, you log in to your Admin area very easily. The means of payment are numerous and there are subscriptions for all the world with the most competitive rates on the market.

Subscriptions: Monthly, Annual or "for life"

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How to install pCloud on your devices

After creating your account, simply download and install the pCloud Drive virtual disk into your devices, and enter your login information.

To download pCloud Drive, go to the official website .

If you are on Android find the app directly in the Google Play store and the same for your iPhone

pCloud - Parameters and Features

File Management

Manage your files and files as you wish. Get and save them easily wherever you are because your storage space belongs to you. You have a search field designed to help you find the data and a filter for the extensions.

Deleting your file does not result in immediate loss. They will stay in the online trash for a defined time according to your plan. For example for the free plan of pCloud it is 15 days , while Premium and Premium Plus users have 30 days

Unlimited capacity

Easily upload and upload your files with unlimited speed. The transfer speeds depend solely on the speed of your internet connection. There is no limitation on managing the size of the files to be transferred.

File Sharing

Thanks to the special "Invite on pCloud Folder" feature, you can share folders with your friends, family and colleagues and define if they can view or edit the content. Also, you can send data via customizable download links and receive data via upload links to any folder. Thanks to the public folder you can customize public direct download links. And you can host static HTML sites.


Instantly synchronize files on all your devices. With a few settings everything then happens automatically to synchronize a local folder with your online account.
pCloud Drive allows you to create a virtual hard disk on your computer. This desktop application allows you to store more easily by dragging your files. One faith that you log into your account on your computer the virtual drive is automatically created on your operating system.

pCloud - the coolest idea

pCloud remains one of the best ways to backup files. Easy to use, with a flexible interface, it allows you to increase the storage capacity of your devices without requiring a lot of computing resources. Make sure your work data, vacation photos and favorite music stay intact even in the event of a computer crash, lost or stolen device, and malicious hackers.

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