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Earn money with Google AdSense

Many people wonder if you can live on Google AdSense ; The short answer is: "Yes, you can."
header how to make money adsense
However, the long answer has many nuances, which is precisely what I will explain in depth in this post.
But let's start on the most positive side. To see how far it is possible to live from AdSense, just take a look at a simple screenshot:
adsense income maria jesus
AdSense screenshot as of 11/01/17
Now, as I said, it is not easy to get more than 7,000 euros a month with AdSense ...
Many people consider these gains as passive income, but the truth is that liabilities have nothing ; The only reason I would call them passive income is because when you sleep or are having coffee, you are generating money. But to generate that passive money, first you have to work a lot actively.
To give you an idea, Google won in 2014 (I have no more current data) 13.6 billion dollars in AdSense and that 68% of the revenue generated by each click on an AdSense ad is taken by the editor ( the owner of the web).
Do you want a part of this cake?
Then let me tell you how you can earn an extra salary with your blog thanks to advertising.

What is Google Adsense and how does it work?

In case you don't know yet what Google Adsense is and how it works, let me first give you some brushstrokes before entering the subject. If you already know the system, simply skip this part.
Google Adsense is the online advertising platform of Google that allows content creators (blog authors, etc.) to generate revenue in a very simple and fast way that consists of inserting ads into their content.
If you need a hosting for your website or your blog, act!
The system is so popular, among other things, because to use it you just have to register as a user on the AdSense website and, from there, Google will provide you with a code that, inserted between your content, is responsible for displaying these ads. For every click your readers make on that ad, you will receive a small economic amount.
In addition, there are some plugins that (we will see examples in this post) that facilitate all this much by inserting this code automatically, etc.
On the other hand, you can't talk about AdSense without also mentioning Google AdWords . They are like “Yin” and “Yang”: AdWords is the platform where advertisers hire ads and AdSense is the platform that distributes them among the contents of users registered in AdSense.
You as a blogger will be interested in AdSense first because you are the one who publishes those ads and who will receive income from it.
To better understand the rest of the post, start next with a mini-summary of the most important technical terms that are handled when talking about AdSense.
This summary, in the case of making you an advertiser (to promote your content, products, courses, etc.), in addition, it will also be very useful if you use the great alternative to AdWords, Facebook Ads .
It will help you to make a small comparative type « Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords « to know which platform interests you most and / or how to combine them.

Bid types (PPC, CPM and CPI)

AdSense works like an auction system . Advertisers compete with each other for ad spaces, the more competition there is, the more prices go up for advertisers and more revenue for content authors. Therefore, income varies greatly depending on which niche is your blog.
In this link you can see more details if you are interested.
Advertisers can pay in 3 different ways:
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) : is the revenue model used by AdSense and where it is paid for each click received. This contrasts, for example, with the PPA (Pay per Action) model where payment is for user actions beyond the click (the purchase of the product, for example as in affiliate marketing ) or the following model of this list (CPM).
  • CPM (Cost Per Mille) : In this model the ads are paid for impressions. For example: € 5 per thousand impressions (views) of the ad. It is the measure commonly used in radios, television, newspapers or magazines, etc. In AdSense, all you have to do is put advertising banners on your blog and, every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of them, Google will pay you a percentage of money (CPC).
  • CPI (Cost per Interaction) : Here the advertiser only pays if you have interacted with his ad, for example if you have watched a video.
adsense bid types
AdSense bid types.
90% of advertisers choose the CPC system, as you can see in the previous screenshot of the AdSense panel.

The most important concepts to improve your AdSense revenue: CPC and CTR

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) : The cost per click is the amount the advertiser pays for an ad. In the case of an intermediate platform such as AdSense, you will charge 68% of this amount and Google the rest. In our AdSense panel you will see reflected only the amount that belongs to you, that is, 68%.
  • CTR (Click Through Rate) : This term refers to the user's click rate, that is, the conversion , and applies not only to advertising. If of 100 visits, 4 have clicked on an ad, that ad would have a CTR of 4% .
These are the 2 most important KPIs to consider if you want to improve your AdSense revenue.
Improving the CPC is something really complicated to do, your goal should be to improve the CTR. Later I will show you some trick that has worked for me to increase the CTR.
ctr history
The history of the CTRs that I have been getting in AdSense.
I hope you do better than me, I have needed almost 2 years to reach a CTR of 10%. It became almost an obsession for me to reach 10%, but in the end I got it !!!

Google AdSense Issues

Now we can go into flour and for this, let me start by talking about a few problems that AdSense has and why it is not convenient to use it in any type of blog, or on any page.
First, you need a considerable volume of traffic to have a decent income.
To give you an idea, last month I got 7.24 euros with AdSense for every 1,000 visits . To get a good salary I have needed more than 1 million page views!
Visits December 2016 Maria Jesus
These are the AdSense data for the month of December. The highest RPM of the whole year.
One of my clients has a website that does not reach 9,000 visits per month and generates more than 7,000 euros .
What is the difference? The qualified traffic .
If you have a qualified traffic willing to buy your product or service , do not even think about getting a single AdSense ad because you will be able to earn much more than 7 euros per thousand visitors.
With this free eBook you will get to the top of the Google results:
  • In 1 hour you will learn the SEO you really need.
  • You will learn how to know what people are looking for on the Internet.
  • You will know which searches interest you and which ones do not.
  • You will get high in the search results.
  • You will multiply the visits to your website.
My client sells a service of about 400 euros . To generate the same as 20 sales per month you need 100,000 clicks on AdSense ads.
If you have a website where that unskilled traffic enters , that nobody wants, people who are not willing to buy anything, then that is when you have to have AdSense.
And it's not enough just to sign up for AdSense and put the ads to decorate the web where they are more beautiful. You have to measure and optimize a lot to get people to click on one of them.
This is where the famous “niche” pages come in , which are nothing more than websites that focus on a specific theme and answer questions, doubts or curiosities that people search on Google, such as: “how to paint a room” , "What is the best application to watch football" or "what do the DNI numbers mean" .
Thanks to tools like Planner keywords from Google or SEMRush you can know that is what most people are looking for on the Internet. And, for a few days, with the new Keywords Explorer 2.0 from Ahrefs you can have an approximate idea of ​​the difficulty in positioning a keyword.
overview how to paint room
Competition analysis of the kw: "how to paint a room".
If you have managed to attract traffic to a page of this type you could try, for example, to sell paintings, brushes and other utensils necessary to paint a room. If you are not able to sell anything then place AdSense ads.
In the example of "what is the best application to watch football" , if you have an application to watch football, distribute your App from the article; if you don't have it, monetize traffic with AdSense.
AdSense is the last alternative when it comes to monetizing a website.  It is the way to make money with a less profitable website.
Why then AdSense has become so lucrative for me?
Very simple: my business model is based on searching keywords with little competition and almost always with low search volume .
In the 2 years that I have been monetizing websites with AdSense I have managed to position more than 2,000 keywords in Google's Top 3 , some with 10 searches per month and others with 40,000.
If you need a hosting for your website or your blog, act!
At the beginning I was looking for a very easy keywords, without any competition, to have any opportunity to position them and get traffic through SEO. Until I got an acceptable volume of organic traffic, I nurtured social traffic blogs, specifically sharing the content in hundreds  of Facebook groups .
Over time, my websites are getting more authority than other websites and I can attack keywords with more volume and consolidate words with easier competition in the top positions of the search engine. This allows me to continue growing month after month. The constancy is key .
Normally, the first step to start an online business is to have a product or service and then attract an audience that you can become a customer. Monetizing with Adsense is the other way around, the most important thing is to attract public to your website, no matter what you are willing to spend your money on.
If the Google algorithm for positioning in your search engine takes into account 200 factors, making money with AdSense depends on 2,000 factors 🙂

The most important factors to be able to earn money with AdSense

Good niches vs bad niches

Choosing a niche is one of the most important parts when it comes to monetizing with AdSense; you have to take into account the competition and the volume of visits you can achieve. There is no point that the subject has very low competition if that topic is only going to be searched by 100 people per month.
So, taking these factors into account, you have to be able to attract visits to your content. You can download from  this link  an excel with several niche page ideas to monetize with AdSense.
I'm going to complicate you a little more; I'm going to show you the 6 niches that I monetize with AdSense:
niches adsense maria jesus
Here we can see, in order: CTR, CPC and RPM of 6 websites.
Each one of them has a totally different theme than the rest.
This data is 24 hours, where AdSense ads are placed exactly the same on all websites. Between the first of the list and the last there is a difference of 5.93 euros in earnings per 1000 page views . There is also a huge difference in the percentage of people who click on an ad, between one niche and another.
The last of the list is a website designed to sell leads in Spain.
The click is paid much better than the rest ; practically all the companies with which I am negotiating the lead are being announced. The content of the web teaches to solve a problem in a "homemade and free" way, the lead will be delivered to companies that solve this problem in a professional way.
At first glance it seems the most profitable website for AdSense.
But what if I tell you that we are going to sell each lead for 6 euros?
On this website we get the data of 4% (a 4% conversion ) of the people who visit us, so this website will give 24 euros for every 1,000 visits selling leads. As I said before, AdSense is the last option to monetize a website .
The website that appears in fourth place is monetized with AdSense + Affiliation. In some articles there is AdSense and in others the ads have been removed to put affiliate links. In this case the first option is to exploit it through affiliate marketing , but in articles that are not related to any product, those that only resolve doubts of people who already have those products or articles where something is learned, we have AdSense ads .
This second website belongs to the subject of technology, applications, gadgets, software, etc. I have touched many niches and I am left with this theme because it is of general interest, new things are always coming out, you will never run out of topics to write and best of all , the advertisers' bids are quite high , since the Technology products sell very well online.
And it is such a huge niche that you will always see some kind of applications, games, PC accessories or many other things about which it is difficult to find quality information, therefore it is easy to position yourself as a benchmark in the sector.
With this free eBook of copywriting templates you will create titles that will trigger clicks on your content:
  • 77 Proven title templates that will multiply clicks.
  • You will get endless ideas to create your own titles.
  • With the words "magic" you will write irresistible texts.
  • Voucher for everything: blogs, online stores , social networks , etc.
To be more specific I can name the website of  pulsometrosinbanda.com , it is a website cataloged within the "micronichos" because it attacks a very small niche. Inside the pulsometers there is a type that is becoming increasingly popular and they are the ones that measure your pulsations without carrying the happy annoying tape on your chest .
The idea for this website is to position itself as a benchmark for heart rate monitors, (right now this keyword moves between the 1st and 2nd position in Google); When this is strengthened, we will try to turn the web into a reference for heart rate monitors in general, after activity wristbands.
Later you can be a reference in Gadgets for sport; there will also be articles of applications for the sport and everything that arises over time; The more keywords you attack, the more traffic you will have.
The good thing about this niche is that it can also be attacked through affiliate marketing , but there will be many posts focused on people who already have a heart rate monitor, such as training types or how to set up a certain heart rate monitor that will be monetized with AdSense.
This is my favorite business model: AdSense + Affiliation and in the same way, first choosing a small micronicho to gradually turn it into a macronicho.
The websites in the image above, with a CPC of 0.06 and 0.07 , are websites that in no way can be monetized unless it is with advertising and still the bids of AdSense advertisers who enter these Webs are very low.
Therefore, for me the best website to monetize is a micronicho that revolves around a product or type of product and that can grow in the future with related content to become a macronicho.

The location of the readers

I am going to show you some data referring to countries of the same 5 websites in the same period of time:
visits different countries
This data is 24 hours. Earnings ordered by countries.
It is very important to make a global content that interests anyone equally, no matter where they live . Personally I receive income from more than 100 different countries. Luckily there are Spanish-speakers all over the world.

How to place Google AdSense ads well

Google recently removed the limitation of 3 ads per page , which can make you raise the AdSense CTR quite a bit.
There is one aspect in which Google has become very heavy lately and has sent notices to many AdSense publishers, and it does not want the first thing to be seen to be an AdSense ad of 300 × 250 or larger when it opens A web on a mobile device. Otherwise, as long as there is more content than ads, you shouldn't have any problems.
To solve this you can put an adaptable ad under the mobile title or put a 300 × 250 ad under paragraph 1.
To place AdSensei B3B ads, I use 2 plugins: AdSensei and Ad Inserter (free plugins):
AdSensei B30 allows you to place ads within content wherever you want. The 2 things that make a difference with the rest of the plugins is that you can place the ads under any H2 or H3 and that allows you to make a different configuration for mobile and PC, which is really good because Google on PCs does allow you to show a Announcement upon opening the page.
It is quite simple to configure, as you can see in the image:
adsensei b30 plugin
B3B plugin Ad settings to show only on PCs.
Ad Insert I use it only to place an ad and it is one that gives me very good results and Adsensei b3b does not allow me to place it. It's a "fake" menu under the web header, like this:
example false menu
“False menu” of AdSense of the web: instrumentsmusicales10.net
Setting up Ad Inserter is very simple:
ad inserter plugin
Ad settings in the Ad Inserter plugin.
To place the ads I advise you to try, try and try . You saw in the example of the 5 websites that the same ad settings have totally different results. There is no magic formula to place ads.
What I can give you are a few tips so you can increase your AdSense earnings.

Tips to earn more money with AdSense

As I said before, you have to try many different configurations, but always documenting everything well.
  • Each advertisement on the website must have a unique name to document everything; Personally, the nomenclature I choose for the names of the ads is: «ID + Location + Color + Size».
  • Try different ad colors; the ones that "usually" work best are those that camouflage with your theme or flashy colors like red or orange.
  • Use the URL tracking criteria (see image below). This function of AdSense is very powerful, since it shows you in the reports all the statistics of the ads of each page . By default, Adsense does not show you the statistics of each page separately, for that you have to add the page you want to track; You can add up to 500 URLs. Sometimes, one setting works on some pages and not on others.
  • Place an ad as high as possible and then go placing one every 4 or 5 paragraphs.
  • Have traffic It is the most obvious of all; Without traffic you will earn 0 euros, no matter how you place the ads and how many you have. In this type of blogs, the newsletter , the lead Magnet, the guest Posting, the networking and the SEM are not useful . Only SEO is worth .
url tracking criteria
Setting criteria for tracking specific URLs.

The SEO that works for me for Google AdSense

SEO is something very complex, where many factors influence when positioning, from more technical factors such as having a fast web, a good sitemap (I use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin ) or the Link building .
About SEO you can write a thousand posts; In this I will only tell you the 3 things that I think have helped me to get more than a million visits a month.

1. Add new keywords in articles

I've been trying to implement some marketing technique in my niches for a few months to attract more traffic, but I'm not able; The effort and money expenses outweigh the benefits. I have realized that to get high income with AdSense you need massive traffic that is difficult to obtain through a Newsletter or social networks; I have even tried PushCrew .
The time I invest in positioning « Longs Tails » is much more beneficial than any of the other techniques I have used to attract niches to the public.
I am referring to positioning keywords with very few searches and consisting of 4, 5 or 6 words. Following the example of the web of heart rate monitors, you can add in the text "variations" of heart rate monitors, such as those in the following list:
example search pulsometers
Keyword Research “heart rate monitors” in Spain.
I usually spend 2 hours a day adding new text to the articles already written, adding new "Long Tails." If a keyword is not in the text it is very very difficult to position it.
Nobody usually worries about adding keywords with 10 searches per month; I add more than 50 every day: 50x10x365 days of the year = 182,500
There are many searches per month; This is constancy and work, they are not passive income.

2. External Linkbuilding

There are people who say linkbuilding is dead, but I assure you it is not so; At the moment it is very important. The projects to which I dedicate more time to put links, position much better.
At first it was very difficult for me to find links; I wrote comments on forums, automated some link with somewhat "black" tools, created blogs 2.0, looked for directories and websites where to create profiles and put free links, such as 20 minute lists.
To be honest, it was the part that burned me the most and it cost me the most . Even so he was doing it and some result was seen.
This has changed a lot; I now have agreements with other agencies to exchange links from our blog network and also target a fixed amount per month for publications on digital media and other websites.
With this free eBook you will get to the top of the Google results:
  • In 1 hour you will learn the SEO you really need.
  • You will learn how to know what people are looking for on the Internet.
  • You will know which searches interest you and which ones do not.
  • You will get high in the search results.
  • You will multiply the visits to your website.
I am lucky to have BierzoSEO and be able to network from here.
Now I receive a good amount of links from authority sites to my niches.

3. Internal Linkbuilding

Every time I publish a new post, I add links from older posts with more authority to the new one (the new one also carries some link to old posts).
A few months ago I didn't have much work, but now I publish a daily post , which makes the internal linkbuilding strategy increasingly complex. Still, it's something I do every day and I love it.
My strategy is quite simple: the posts with the most traffic are the ones with the most external and internal links .
At the beginning of creating a website I always have clear the first 20 articles and I sense more or less which are the ones that can provide the most traffic; Those are the ones that will receive the most links to become «Post of Authority».
From that point on, I am putting links from the "post of authority" to the new articles.
In turn, the internal links that are in the new articles are going to link to other articles that I want to become "Authority post". The more articles the web has, the more "Authority post" I need.


Mainly, these 3 actions are what are making the income of my niches grow around 10-15% per month .
I don't know where the limit will be, but the rules of the game are put by Google and I don't like to depend on it; That's why BierzoSEO exists. But it is clear that, today, it is a good source of income.
Just thank Berto and Raquel for giving me the opportunity to write in this piece of blog.
See you in Ponferrada!

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